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I Will Come To You

I will come to you
When winter has fled
Springs frost lingers

I will come to you
In Dawns breaking
Suns rays chasing dew

I will come to you
On new petals
Drifting on early breezes

I will come to you
Hidden in nights dreams
Lost upon waking

I will come to you
Wrapped in thunder
Kissed by rain

I will come to you
Hidden in fear
Seeking your embrace

I will come to you
Alone and naked
Yearning for your sight


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Shattered bottles

Storms come
Feel thunders clash
Hear rains falling rivers
Ghost come again
Demand attention
Pleading dreams
Darkened nights
Weigh heavy
Dimly distantly alone
Twisting stories path
Cold wet shivering
Hidden against torments
Wine tequila boozes tastes
Dashed glass fragments
Shattered bottles

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Bathroom Calls

Belief between truths and realities
White so sheer to see through
Sad songs regretted dances
Hints greed and portents
Morning fog hides certainties
Tequila kissed love bloomed
You to yours me to mine
Your eyes are reflections
Let’s go now take my hand
Judgement becomes you
Braced before futures foreboding
Kisses explore your taste
Places your appetite yearns
Softy slowly bred desires
Hush heated breaths
Twinned as one
Dampened sheets
Remorseless passions spent
Morning breath
Bound hands
Twisted sheets
Bathroom calls

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Dawns Gate

Swimming in moonlight
Light catches glowing on your skin
eyes reflect mirrors 
Dreams net cast 
Daring bare bodies
Brave in hinted light
Alone kissed ghosts touch
Are you there
Alone this night
Feigned attention
Forgot lost absent
False tears pretend regret
Fantasy is illusion
Dawns gate empty

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Now Always

Dreamt polychromatic hues
Danced on nights canopy
In silken blues danced
Water cascades shaped you
Ripples curves defined
Tempting glimpses
Your heart flung wide
Eyes closed
Casual virtue
Blind in God’s grace
Today as now always

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Dawn I Slept

I was drunk the first time
Fumbled guitar notes
Wine tequila scotch beer
No secrets hidden alone
Laid bare before God as you
Barefoot in the night
Pebbles as glass jumping
Hands held
Kites in the wind free
Imagined this fantasy
Do you remember
Did you forget?
What we lost
Kiss ripe in tequila
Liquid dreams
Reason lost
Drenched in booze
Indifferent lost
Dawn you ran
Cloaked in dawn I slept

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