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come with me

Remember the rain?
Remember the kiss?
Open, honest, simple
Lost we walked
Hand in hand
Hesitant, unsure, afraid
Endless dream
Touched by you
Something inside
Lure me back
Again, again
Not leave, nor go
Come with me


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leave my dreams

Drunken, scrawl
Slithers access paper
Desperate sad words
Dripping wet regret
Vague indifferent efforts
Forgotten lost behind
Spilled scotch wasted
Wrap my indifference
Steal away pain
Forlorn empty nights
Leave my dreams
Enter my life

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Held dreams
Safely embraced
Assured honesty
Promised trust
Wrapped desire
Bound pleasure
Twined fingers
Vaporous kiss
Trembling breath
Warm touch
Inner passion
Shared dream

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Caged ancient beasts
Bound by chrome steel
Loosed to asphalt ribbon
Bestrode blackened leather rider
Flashing yellow stripe
Blurred to line
Throaty roar
Free acceleration
Boundless road
Beckons open

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Chasing Morpheus

Tears run down my face
Rivers in no direction
Tears of fear
My reality
Your fear
Whisper in my ear
Take my desire
Take your pain
Wrap you in my armor
Warm your body
My embrace
Alone is yours
Hear these words
Touch me here
Kissing lips stained in tears
Sweetly we blend
Forgotten in sleep
Chasing Morpheus

inspired by a Muse simply and honestly my muse

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Different dreams

Booze driven
Half-baked boredom
Twisting words
Crumpled paper
Broken pencil
Thoughts unbound
Drifting channels
Flicker past
Vague images
Nude women
Car crash
Knife fights
Aliens’ beckon
Acid shocked dream
Blurry gaze
Dull forgotten
Tonight done
Different dreams

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Night or day
Sad or happy
Tired or rest
Naked or dressed
Don’t know
Change my life
Change my feelings
Think of you
Change my life
Change you?

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