I envisaged you in rain
All about you cascades
Your gown slick to your body
Lighting sparks your eyes
Torrents obscure you
Solitary you turn to me
Rain cannot hide your tears
Thunder accents fears
Light shattered illusions
Midnights storms
Sleepless alone


It laid huddled chilled covered
Supping power against night
Wind, sun, hydrocarbon fumes
Lights closed empty roar
White gives way to brown greens
Days chase night domain
Dreams away
Sluggishly waken
Stuttered throaty growl
Hesitantly gears mesh
Power rolls on

Passing Time

One day it will stop
The rise and fall of your chest
Watching sleep enfold you
Somber night thoughts alone
Small still sleepless moments
Your eyes chase hidden sights
Deeply lost edges soften
Lightning trace blinks
Thunder catch fears
Lonely forebodings
Soft ticks passing time


Morning light tears my eyes
Dawn begs forgetting
Stay dogs barking howls
Chase away sleep regrets
Sullen day torpid shower
Long drawn sigh
Scotch beckons


Pilgrims walking
Meandering paths
Penitent walk
Ceaseless masses

My hands exploring
Define your shape
Sleepy breasts
Days respite

You came of spring
Cleansing showers
Early dawns light
Warming chill

Evenings longing
Moons obligation
Deepest darkness
Sleeping forgets

Day nights spawning
Solitary terrors
Reflect days toil
Moments drag

Emotions shedding
Naked in daybreak
Clinging dreams
Momentarily hidden


Good dreams fill this sleep
Slumbers little deaths
Solitary time between
Separate imagined

Let me chase you
Vivid colors stains
Illusions phantasms
Wine on your lips

What was lost
Bits of time age
Dawns solitary light
Bitter daybreaks

We Slept

We slept as cats
Tangled entwined

Tequila bred dreams
Fantasies of light

Numb soft feeling
Bodies touched

Passions moment
Sharing breath

Lovers clasp
Trembling climax