Bring Me Home

All pieces of the world touch me
Solemn solitude penance
Alone thoughts turn
Faults as confessions
Wind rain absolution
Each curve entails risk
Each straight away release
Each moment to be
Forgiven move to sunsets glare
Twilight encroaches
Nights herald
Calls me alone
Parting time between
You await no dream to wish
Last sweeping curve to bring me home

Grillos y Gatos

Grillos y gatos
Gatos y grillos
Canciones grillos llenan la noche
Gatos merodean por la noche
Grillos y gatos no dejan dormir
Sin dormir para encontrar
Ningún sueño de ser perseguido
Cazan gatos grillos noches juguetes
Gatos y grillos la noche Sueños
Grillos y gatos
Gatos y grillos

now the ride

Roads liquid curves
Sky ocean blue clear
Sun baked tar
The Throttles roars numbs
Wind plucks pokes tugs
Thrumming sounds ringing
Mirror reflects sunset
Distance hints winters chill
Days shorten
Lengthening shadows
Later, now the ride

Dawns truth

Pour my self to sleep
Chase dreamless nights
Turbid days
Rolling mirrors maze
Blending losing
Forgotten bits
Listless states aloft
Fervent summer days
Humid wet nights
Soaked in booze
Sweat soaked sheets
Sleeps illusion
Dawns truth

Lost Dreams

Each night dream you close
My slumber draws you near
That dance I recall
A brief kiss as a lifetime
Fantasy recalled
Hopes lost
Do you recall?
Where are your fantasies
Lost forgotten
Forlorn recollections laughed at
Summer nights
Drenched in sweat
Lost sleep
Lost dreams

leaking to dawn

Deep sleepless night
Blissful unretentive slumber
Eludes fatigued mind
Days pale reflection
Endless repetition
Pensive thoughts racing
Elusive bed torments
Seeking comfort
Sheets tangled
Hot to cold
Voiding sleep
Ceilings shadows
Dance sway sing
Hidden rhythms
Faint words
Seem as echoes
Passing night
leaking to dawn

Constrained freedom

Leather clad rider
Astride bikes of fire
Sun touched asphalt ribbon
Wind blown solitude
Legs tightly gripping
In my ear provoking laughter
Gusty tempest taunts
Caged drivers looks
Passive glares
Envious stares
Throttles hand restrained
Constrained freedom
Road reaches sky


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