Tears Done

I dreamt of you
Touched your hand
I was alone as night
Taste your skin
I long for that time
Flavor of you
I followed words ends
Filled emptiness 
I drank my fill
Lost space inside
Feel of your bodies response
I forgot your need
Feel your bodies desire
I lost what you offer
Feeling of arousal 
Tears done


See you past tomorrow
Futures as you dream
Light graces sleeps innocents
Dawns golden hues
Solitary moments
Capture this image
Brief stolen second
Half covered leg shapely
Faint tea colored skin
Bare shoulder
Nothing but now
Only as here
Brown eyes open
Catch my gaze


Your lips
Your tongue
Your breath
Boozy tinged
Slurred laugh
Sloppy bold
Drink fueled
Cloths shed as snakes
Sheets amok
Pillows cast
Memories lost

Tequila blues

Passed out bodies
Scatter as Dante saw
Sour vomit smell tinged air
Two Frantic souls feign coupling
Strewed empty bottles
Half full classes snubbed cig’s taint
Dregs sips hardly a taste
Lack of sleep no tequila
Silent party rages on

softened dreams

Let me trade bits of my life
Regret sadness loneliness
For something more
Beyond my keen
No longer desire solitary dawns, emptiness
Nights, drunken false attentions
Sex mixed booze
Stale scents
Dank sheets
Tequila softened dreams

Bitter Light

It lays
Alone forgotten
As vague dreads
Half formed shames
Vomit soaked rags
Last nights remnants
Shifting recollections
Beer, shots driven bass
Time expands shifts drifts
Crystal clarity fragment blurs
Rolling floor tacky tables
Moment as balance flees
Drunken lechery
Impotent desires
Transient words
Dawns bitter light


I envisaged you in rain
All about you cascades
Your gown slick to your body
Lighting sparks your eyes
Torrents obscure you
Solitary you turn to me
Rain cannot hide your tears
Thunder accents fears
Light shattered illusions
Midnights storms
Sleepless alone