I recall your face
Ethereally dreamt
Blue haze
Booze fumes
Addled mind
Twisted frame
I cannot find you again
Where did we separate
Distant laugh
Memories danced
Cloudy bar
Staged drinks
Driven music
Beating pulse
Intoxicated drivel
Mornings fate
Doomed recollections
Again awake alone

Whispered caresses

I watched your sleeping
Softly breathing
Innocently oblivious
Silk like gown
envelops accents
Breast rising mounts
Dimpled nipples temptation
Tumbled hair a skewed
Softly sounds
Dreams escaping
Eyes chase phantoms
Your soft warmth
Whispered caresses

Night Awash

I see the smile hides stories I cannot know
Eyes veil hidden fears lost to memories
Your cherished dreams forgotten
Lost to time and thief’s of heart
Words are echoes of youths desires
Platitudes you recite as rote
Indifference hides your thoughts concealed
Your windows sealed to false dawns
Night awash your being

boozed euphoria

A desiccated sea shore and bleaching sun
I stink of sour tequila and lost memories
Dawn pierced me tore my soul
Lost feeling searching recollections
Red dress, teasing laugh
Lips afire, promises of sorts
Deluged in shots, boozed euphoria

Passion Lost

Torpid time
Hollow dreams
Forgotten yesterday’s
Lost intoxicated days
Vague wasted feelings
Chased tequila drinks
Booze fueled passions
Nights testament
Stained sheets
acrid liquor smell
Clouds obscure dawn
Passion lost


Running around in my dreams
Weeping roses petals tremble

Confusing recollection
Chased forgiveness

Rubbish strewn street
Feral cats slink

Hollowed echoes
Nights empty chill

Rain traced fog
Chills edge bodes ice

Thoughts collected
Broken silken threads

Once again solitude
Stars aloft forlorn

Slowly yellowed light
Harbinger to dawn

Ending sleep
Endings as beginnings


Holy thou art
Pencils clenched in supplication
Nails gnawed avoiding disaster
Eyes sealed belayed fears
Curious looks peeking
Roared life
Pressed seat backs
Ears a thumming sound
Brief weightless
Tear my bonds