Built worlds

Eyes closed

Never alone 

Part of you I stole

Runs free

Drawing threads

Disparate thoughts




Connecting you

Whispered words

As touch

Softly sleep

Stolen breath

Lost kisses

Chase dreams



Save Me

Of endings
Of Beginnings
Mixed up bits between
Loosed dreams
Collected desires
Fragments scattered
Mirrors shattered
Lost reflection
Mired regret
Feint salvation
Lost in fog
You, are you there?
Do you see?
Can you reach?
Save me

Magic sky

Under magic sky
Dance this night
We two alone
Your gown of moonlight
Eyes reflected stars
Lost we twirl
Forgotten this world
Beats of my heart
Call music’s time
Shared thought
Lips beckon
Passion wakes
Soft warmth
Breath shared
Brief moment
Beat stops

Unvoiced alone

I wish to write
Words I cannot chase
Veiled descriptions
Not to be touched
Of passion
Of desire
Of a simple midnight kiss
Of your touch in dawns light
Of your eyes
Reflected stars
Dreams unbidden
Soft time together
Unvoiced alone

Dawn steals dreams

Tomorrow you came to me
Past me as a ghost
Phantom of this world
Turn away my head
Hidden shame
Softly tears escaped unbidden
My heart is known
My heart is gone
Remember as nights long ago
Forgotten as dawn steals dreams

feel your breath

I cannot forget my heart,
I cannot forget my soul,
I cannot forget my dreams,
This paper my kiss
This pen my caresses
These words my passion
Trace your fingers across this missive
That I might imagine your touch
Keep these words under your pillow
That we share the night
Ponder hidden meanings
Wish for that you desire
Close your eyes
Breathe softy across this paper
I might feel your breath

come with me

Remember the rain?
Remember the kiss?
Open, honest, simple
Lost we walked
Hand in hand
Hesitant, unsure, afraid
Endless dream
Touched by you
Something inside
Lure me back
Again, again
Not leave, nor go
Come with me


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