Constrained freedom

Leather clad rider
Astride bikes of fire
Sun touched asphalt ribbon
Wind blown solitude
Legs tightly gripping
In my ear provoking laughter
Gusty tempest taunts
Caged drivers looks
Passive glares
Envious stares
Throttles hand restrained
Constrained freedom
Road reaches sky


We read Neruda’s passion
Drinking tequila and kissing
Our Spanish blurred to English
His seductive lyrics changed
Adrift fumbled translation
Laughing eyes as wishes
Shared glass as besos
Drunken words dressed as truth
Fumbling touch as new lovers
Nights desires , dawns regrets
Now is you, only you as my want

Last Call

It’s good, I said
Draining the glass
One more, before I go

veiled smoky eyes
Reflected images
Tainted bar room mirror

Rains tuneless drumming
Tired classic rock
Barely audible

salud! Down it goes
This Bitter treat
Empty release

Your Bare shoulders
Tease fleeing youth
Weary smiles hinting

Refracted effigy
Lock gaze reflection
Moments ponder

Last calls summons
Tempts my mind
Unspoken offer

One more, to go
Drunken kisses
Taste best

Tomorrows comes

Consider this time
A passing now
That is lost
Asleep, it flees
Awake, lurks
Work, hoards
Leisure, spends
Time to share
Time to give
Awash in time
Surfeit of time
This time as yours
Take these moments
Gifts for keeping
Tomorrows comes

Once more waves

For a moment
All was normal
Brief transit between
Then as now
Waters soothing flow
Rivers passive strength
Hardly adolescent girls
Bikini clad figures
Vying for boys desires
Baking sun rays
Arbors shadows offset
Creepy sand bugs
Lost spiders amid flotsam
One more crumpled beer can
Once more waves

Wretched land

This night I dreamed
technicolor hues
Electric blues
Polychromatic spectral lights
Ruby reds sear my thoughts
Some acid flashback
Tequila wrought fantasy
Vague sunsets kaleidoscopic arcs
Reflected color tinged clouds
rainbows as nights lance
Doomed painful illumination
Washed pale shapes
Erotic desires confused
Somewhere eyes squinted
Tear pained face
Raw light visions torn
My hands but thin bones
Boiling oceans sterile land
Unceasing glare fades
Twilight’s portal
Tomorrow’s door
Dawn calls, pass this wretched land

Be As I Need

See me?
Feel my presence
Touch me
I am here
Alone sadly begging
Constructed confinement
Build by rage
Defined as denial
Can you hear?
See words as prayers
Listen to dreams
Faults bridges broken
Dreams lost desires
Wondering empty lives
Take as I offer
Be as I need


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