Don’t remember
Was drunk
Dull ache
Muted thin loss
Vague memories
Spun in darkness
Empty regrets


Past this frame
Past this time
Reflected youth
Empty walls
Echoed words
Faded conversation
Drift neglected
Shallow ghost
Fragments lost
Vanished desire
Forgotten released
Look ahead
Forward dreams


Are you there?
Hear my whisper?
Like the breeze
Tempting you
Drawing you close
Summer dance
Warm winter embrace
Around you
With you
Always a touch
Connecting dreams
As one wish
Touching tree tops
Chase the whisper

We are

Holding memory
Dreams, portents
Your whisper
Guides me
Forgotten paths
Empty roads
Hint of scent
Flash of skin
Embracing my desire
Shadows, hints
Look around
We are alone

Eludes me

Sleep eludes me

drifting thoughts

Hovering touching

dreams edge

Fantasies twist

Imagined paths

Uncontrolled unguided

Haunting presence

Teasing hinting


Past ghosts?

Old demons?

Lurking fears?

Spinning futures 

Booze driven

Passive numbness

Blank dreams


Mine alone (sólo mía)

I have missed you my whole life
Each moment is less
Each moment now is more
Come to me
Share with me
We are more together
Less apart
Take what I give
Take all that I am
Nothing without you
More with you
But only you
Be mine
Mine alone
Dawn to your smile
Night to your kiss
Be mine
Be mine alone

Te he perdido toda mi vida
Cada momento es menos
Cada momento es ahora más
Ven a mí
Compartir conmigo
Estamos más juntos
menos aparte
Toma lo que doy
Tome todo lo que soy
Nada sin ti
Más contigo
Pero sólo le
Sea los míos
sólo mía
Amanecer a tu sonrisa
Noche a su beso
Sea los míos
Sé sólo mía

dedicado; frenchis cornejo

Hear me?

Sitting in the dark
Seemingly alone aloof
Tv’s blue light flickers
Senseless words dribble
Wander lost on pages
Ideas chased, caught
Crumpled scattered pages
Witness to failure
Helpless vague boredom
‘nother class of wine
Clarity vague haziness
Listless elusive thoughts
Do you hear me?


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