Good dreams fill this sleep
Slumbers little deaths
Solitary time between
Separate imagined

Let me chase you
Vivid colors stains
Illusions phantasms
Wine on your lips

What was lost
Bits of time age
Dawns solitary light
Bitter daybreaks

We Slept

We slept as cats
Tangled entwined

Tequila bred dreams
Fantasies of light

Numb soft feeling
Bodies touched

Passions moment
Sharing breath

Lovers clasp
Trembling climax

Dawn Greeting

Stale beer piss
Greeting dawns light
Broken glass bottles
Stained torn sheets
Dank sour taste
Drumming pounding head


Imagery yesterdays
Reflecting stars

Discolored recollection
Tequila touched memory

Never as beautiful as now
Never as loved as here

Moments but today’s
Bounded without

Shards recalled
Shattered mirrors

Eyes shut tight
Dawns light twists

Disillusioned day
Inebriated night

Dawns Light

Your name called nights small hours
Moons pale light softens memories
Words spoken soft whispers
Silent laughter shared
Tender wordless moment
Lingering touch invitation
My pillow grips your scent
Lingering taste to my lips
Tracings of finger tips
Silky gown cascades
Lost in dawns hard light


I recall your face
Ethereally dreamt
Blue haze
Booze fumes
Addled mind
Twisted frame
I cannot find you again
Where did we separate
Distant laugh
Memories danced
Cloudy bar
Staged drinks
Driven music
Beating pulse
Intoxicated drivel
Mornings fate
Doomed recollections
Again awake alone

Whispered caresses

I watched your sleeping
Softly breathing
Innocently oblivious
Silk like gown
envelops accents
Breast rising mounts
Dimpled nipples temptation
Tumbled hair a skewed
Softly sounds
Dreams escaping
Eyes chase phantoms
Your soft warmth
Whispered caresses