helado besos
no fría caliente
lengua labios la boca
vainilla dulce
pasión tocado

Do You Hear?

Pen heavy 
Fate or regret
Sea of twisted paper
Words wasted to eternal
Do you hear?
Lost words lament
Forgotten to minds eye
Seek definition of dreams
Thrown to bonfires rage
impotent lost

Tequila kiss

Tequila kiss
Wrapped lime
Bound mischievous grin 
Lips tangy sour
Tongue teased agave
Eyes closed
Breath mine
Moments saved
Seconds savored

Smile heard laughing

Of it
In it
About it
All and none
Was and will
Bits parts
Clung in greedy hands
Flung to the sky
Full moons white light
Remembered dreams
Drifting clouds hold promise
Crickets song condemns summer
Your white dress dancing
Smile heard laughing

Your Hand

Caged chrome thunder
Fades to winds howl
Lumbering behemoths
Roll unhindered 
Slack jawed observers
Caged denizens
Concrete path
Scorched heat
Scents of dung, death
Roads sacrifice 
Fresh hay
Burnt brakes
Solitary dreams
Throttles pull
Stripes blur to line
Echoes in my head
Your hand on my back

I Wait

I waited
Seemingly ages
Tedious boredom
Endless booze
Empty nights 
Empty of days
Dreams solitude
Presence lingers
Timeless shadow
Faint whisper
Eyes closed
Remembered joy
Drifted thoughts
I wait


Blighted ignorance
Refuse strewn
Lost days
Forgotten lives
Cities decay
Nights refuge
Feral creature
Prowl cavort
Daylights gleam
Hidden peoples
Regret unheard


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