Moment shared

Like to feel your lips

eyes open to mine

dream this of you

shared moment

joined together

Breathless Little words

shared together


Soft breathless touch

that moment shared


First your eyes

You smiled in the night

You laughed

Softly kissing

Warm pressed close

Dawn scattered dream

How you taste lingers

A soft scent


Dawns start

What is it like to kiss you at dawn

Soft golden light to your smile

Your eyes mirrors to desire

You taste of evenings passing

You taste of dawns start

Lost together

You folded me into your nights robe

Pressed to your breasts you whispered to my ear, unheard

Drifting to sleep I slipped into your dream

Lost together

Wet hair

I like to think of your wet hair,

dripping down your bare shoulders,

your eyes on mine,

your towel loosely teasing my eyes


I dreamt of you
waves lap your feet
sun touched skin
soft brown against the seas blue
laughter echoed against the beach
fingers beckon
eyes dance

Counting time

A thief surounded by pious
Devoted oration offered penance
Silent prayers
Eyes closed
Folded hands
Bent knees
Lost faith
Feigned belief
Counting time