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Tell Me This

Tell me this
Toys and things of the past
Voice silent shelved admiration
Societies cast offs
Aged wrinkled weary
Forgotten I listened
Spun stories
Tails of life lived
Loves won lost
Woes as joys
Simple words
Quick now listen
Captured words
Preserved lives
Digital echoes
Eternal voices


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Forget Morning

I want you
All of you
Taste your life
Sample your dream
Explore your desire
Find what you hide
Touch as no other
Feel you tremble
Listen to your need
Fill what you wish
Moments dreamt
Moments stolen alone
Touch your frighten soul
Dance late in this night
Chase the moon
Forget morning

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Dawns Broken

This as that
Things becoming
Things lost
Forgotten marks
Your hands
Darkly spoken
Unheard thoughts
Voiceless dream
Sullen murky
Voiceless sound
Cold kiss
Nights bitter taste
Dawns broken

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We made love in dawns dewy light
Morning chill vanquished
We made the sunrise days beginning
Rosy blushed skin
Breathless climax
Remember the nights drunken promise
Nights anger
Nights fears
Scattered bottles testaments
Acid vomit scent hidden
Dry parched morning breath
Eyes avoidance hesitant regret
Panties forgotten trophies
Yet again pretension
False moments
Masked in booze

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Free Belief

Something simple
No complexity
False facades
Dirtied emotions
Twisted truths
Mixed mash
Senseless platitudes
Fading hopes
Ripe falsehood
Within without
Long drawn sigh
Futile aspirations
Tequila passivity
Honest naked
Free belief

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