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Hunting futures

Shaken visages of past
Forsaken memories
Lost bits
Flotsam adrift
As you made of me
Drawing upon illusion
As condiments
Jalapeños fire toasted
Make snot run
Corn blacken
Tasting smoke
Wine drenched lips
Beckon taste
Hint to touch
Autistic mute dancing
Joining half drunken throngs
Undulating beer tainted floors
Anew memory chase past
Hunting futures


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distorts you

Sing Electic joy of life
That which makes skin tingle
Blood dance
Breath quicken
Takes dreams thus
Drinks of this 
Deeply longly fully
Savor bits that tingle
Take all you offer
Give that I pretend
Moments as days
Days as seconds
Risk is same
Dreaming chased
Hopes forgotten
Live is now
Love as here
Tonight you alone
Tomorrow again alone
My Mirrors distorts you

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Cage Tiger

The bike growled as a cage tiger
The hot sun baked black leather
The wind dried lips chapped skin
Sweat dripped stinging helmet clad eyes
Gloves damp, snug comfort grip
Asphalt stink taint mixed in burned brakes rubber
Pack howls to open road
Smooth clutch released
Gearing takes hold
Throating growl roars
RPM’s climb
Your hands clutch mock fear
Laughter rings in my ear

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That strange twisty feeling
Drunk and sober
False beliefs parade
Misplaced emotions
Kiss becomes love
Love confused in sex
Fumbling touches shy
Unsure boosted by booze
We Cannot touch beyond
Thin veils consoles you
Drink protects me
Only you, now and here
Only you, blurry promises
You eyes hold hope
Reflected my empty gaze

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Uno más esta noche

lengua tequila
los labios de tequila
sueño tequila
sueños tequila
soñar de nuevo
tequila inundada
tequila en llamas
Uno más esta noche
Para saludar el amanecer

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Beauty shines

Beauty shines in your eyes
Enfolds my world in fiery haze
Blinding my dreams
Hold my hand I forget
Touch my face eyes close
Kiss my lips steal my breath
Catch my desire
Fold me into your fantasy
Sail on crystal nights
Race moon rise to dawn
Linger for but moments
Take my kiss
Take my touch
Leave me here

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Begs To Run

Mornings chill
Hints afternoons warmth
Stiff Leathers hunger
Meals of sweat and heat
Discarded cables
Fed this beast
Past winters stasis
Road asphalt calls
Chase the wind
Throaty growls
Shutter stagger
Sloughing off
frigid night darkness
Sun warmed chrome
Begs to run

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