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Good dreams fill this sleep
Slumbers little deaths
Solitary time between
Separate imagined

Let me chase you
Vivid colors stains
Illusions phantasms
Wine on your lips

What was lost
Bits of time age
Dawns solitary light
Bitter daybreaks


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We Slept

We slept as cats
Tangled entwined

Tequila bred dreams
Fantasies of light

Numb soft feeling
Bodies touched

Passions moment
Sharing breath

Lovers clasp
Trembling climax

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Dawn Greeting

Stale beer piss
Greeting dawns light
Broken glass bottles
Stained torn sheets
Dank sour taste
Drumming pounding head

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Imagery yesterdays
Reflecting stars

Discolored recollection
Tequila touched memory

Never as beautiful as now
Never as loved as here

Moments but today’s
Bounded without

Shards recalled
Shattered mirrors

Eyes shut tight
Dawns light twists

Disillusioned day
Inebriated night

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