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Running around in my dreams
Weeping roses petals tremble

Confusing recollection
Chased forgiveness

Rubbish strewn street
Feral cats slink

Hollowed echoes
Nights empty chill

Rain traced fog
Chills edge bodes ice

Thoughts collected
Broken silken threads

Once again solitude
Stars aloft forlorn

Slowly yellowed light
Harbinger to dawn

Ending sleep
Endings as beginnings


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Holy thou art
Pencils clenched in supplication
Nails gnawed avoiding disaster
Eyes sealed belayed fears
Curious looks peeking
Roared life
Pressed seat backs
Ears a thumming sound
Brief weightless
Tear my bonds

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Forgotten To Dawn

Tormented dream
Lost visage
Faded gray
Odd Silhouettes
Reminisce lost
Your multi hued skin
Danced under rain
Touched secretly
Struggling desires
Wakened fantasy
Longing alone
Beer stained tables
Drunkards slow dance
Evening closed
“Last call” stirs faint life
Time drifts forgotten to dawn

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Tangled orgie la fe
Rock music disguised in belief
Hidden driven beats plosive
Sunday bests
Jeans t-shirts suits
Swaddled babes
Sultry Latinas
Azule blanco vestidos
Roses roses roses
Black vestments coller white
piadoso creencia reflections
Clapping hands bound communal
Passioned misericordia

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Dance With You

i have a memory
of a dance,
of my hands on your waist
your arms around me
the smell of your hair
the laugh you made
as i tease your ear
the promise made
your lips touch mine
no memory
of the song
only the music
my memory
dancing with joy
holding on
to you

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i don’t know why
creaks of
an old house
distant wind plays
in branches
skittering of
some night thing
then the bark
of a lone dog
breaks the quiet
i slowly drift
and wonder
what dream
sent me away
and if i will
find you again

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