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Waking you up
I take your hand
Chasing your sleep
You dress in black
Silk and lace
Sweeping you away
Candles and orchestras
Holding close slow dance
Teased by your eyes
Tempting your lips
Your warm body melts to me
Escaping we flee
Somewhere alone
Whispers in your ears
Silks and lace fall to my touch
Kissing speaks of need
Touch speaks of desire
Flushed skin begs caress
Tasting your lips
Softly your sounds
Together we lay
Lost in each other


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In the night

It was blue
The deep blue of oceans
Or space
Feet leaving prints
White sand drifting
Soft misty rain
Cooling heated evening
Ancient cobble stones
Aimless stroll hand in hand
Waterfall captivating
Secluded shallow pool
Moonlight reflecting
Bare skin softly
Mirror waters tremble
Bare lips dare kiss
Touching quickens breath
Hesitant desire, passion
Soft sounds fading in the night

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Or only

Words reflecting you
Words defining you
Words dressing you
In silk and lace
Adorning you with clouds
See you above
A star, as a dream
Hear your voice takes me
See your smile catches me
Alone, illusions
Or only delusions

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But a moment

You came to me alone
In silence, innocence
Eyes beg questions
Lips speak needs
Folded in my arms
Through my fingers
I came to you in evening
Trading words for dreams
Illusions for wishes
Gathered to my breast
Holding you near
Chasing fragments
We deny dawn
But a moment

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Veiled curtains
Struggle against mornings call
Rumpled sheets of oceans
Spread empty sail less
Past dream echo
Bounce soft recall
Remember the rain
Softly warmly
Kissing by the road
Remember the beach
Naked alone
The moon a watcher
Hiding behind clouds
Soft silk
Lace falling
Reflecting your eyes
Longing tinged fear

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Touch your Soul

Disrobing shy glances
Pale bare skin, soft Blush
Porcelain pink bathtub
Translucent pure bubbles
Vague vapors hinting
Warmth and heat within
Faint scent of rose
Tapered candles chase shadows
Your foot perfectly bare
Timidly testing water
Line of your leg naked
Shape of your back bare
Shy glance immersed in bubbles
Smile strikes your face
Warmth looking at me
Candle light catches
Your eyes shine
Settling, legs touch
Raised Glasses
Reflecting merlot candles
Soft white bubbles
Cover too much
Revel too little
My eyes consume
Teasing, whispers of
Neruda’s musing of Matilde
Melting against me
Feel your body
Feel your heat
Eyes close soft kiss
Touch rouses me
Touch wakens you
Wine sweetest off your lips
Falling into your eyes
Moving against me
Soapy water caresses
Deeply your eyes draw me in
Entering you, feel your desire
Your heat, devoured by your eyes
Lost by your touch
Centered on you
Surrounded by rose bubbles
Spilt wine
Hunger for you consumes
Together at the summit
Our lips touch
Sharing breath
I touch your soul

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Tasting the world

Riding a Torrent of thunder
Down a Black ribbon of road
Winding river byways
Flashing vestige
Tree leaves a fire
Hints of sunset
Remains of summer green
Fading fields in autumn browns
Sun baked reflected road heat
Cooling shadowed trees
Rolling rumble reflected back
Echoes of passing chargers
Roaring down this byway
Face braced with wind
Tasting the world

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