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This Scent

Today awakened
a day alone
torturous burden
socks underwear pants
light then dark
hot then cold
from this laundry scent
a shirt
a scented memory
of spring
of sun
of rich loam
inhaled deeply
the world turned
vivid memories
tugged me down
it was again
i feel your touch
taste of your skin
under lotions
before perfume
flood my senses
awaken deep desire
a unrequited plea
this scent
takes me back
returned me


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No Dream

no dreams of you

no secret wishes

no empty glances

no more chases

no distant dreams

empty of promise

bring empty morning

and a distance ache

all i see, is all i want

if life is illusion

then these dreams

are a false fog

still untouchable

vanishing with

dawns hard light

through the days

empty actions, repetitions

draining my thoughts

my mind my body

at the days end

slowly I drift

sleep drags me

despite all

i cannot stop

i dream of fog

i dream of you

i see you

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after this i can’t tell
is adrift passion
a faint call lost
after is gone
want more to hold
but seems the word is
the touch is gone
seperate sides we roll
spent passion
eyes open sleep
seperate worlds roll
beyond this reach
something small
to touch
anchor to a base
to hold me close
as this night closes

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Is Not

is not
what you do
where we go
who we are with
not in gift
you give
     in the flowers
     in a vase
is a look
      when you are busy
is a suprise
      in a sort note
in the night is
      in a hug
      in a kiss
      in a honest
i know what i mean
           to you
           when you are mad
            and still you smile

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If i was you

have you wished?

do you dream?

have you wondered?

when you see a star

what is there

the moon offers


the sun brings


what would you do?

if i was you

where does this start

in a soft rain?

within a storm

under a clear sky?

or the depths of night

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Dream Wisp

a dream as a wisp
stray thoughts
or a wish?
the mind grasps
as a hope
or fear ?
in mornings light
as fog
it lifts
leaving only
a trace
to wonder
what have i missed
or what have i done

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at each setting
i bid the sun
attend you
bring dawn to
banish your night
i greet your moon’s
pale light reflections
tease me in your memory
leading dreams
in your beautiful light

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