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Morning reality

Whisky taste
Blended beer
Blurry tinged eyes
One more
Days hard edge
One more
Evenings soft ledge
To sleep
For surcease
To forget
No desire
Bring no dreams
Stagnant slumber
Drain my passion
Dawns deferred regrets
Morning reality


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Hard days light
Forgotten dreams chased
Days shower icy hot
Slowly work day focus
Days anew repeat
As yesterday so today
Tomorrows repetition
Work driven days
Booze fueled nights
Cursed regrets
Listless slumbered
Sour morning tastes
Mirror haunts dawn

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Endings less that began
Hopeless rants
Pretend affection
Drifts built
Shapes changing
Driven emotions winding
Cast out demons
Hidden away
Forget this
Forgive that
Always hereafter
Desires wishes
Confused dreaming
Lost labyrinth

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Night beckons

We danced
Not as strangers
Drifted about
Crowded floors
Separately aware
We danced
As lovers bound
Drifted one unseen
Twined together 
Touch as caresses
Glance as invitation
Hinted kiss
Fresh as anew
Arms warm temptation
Night beckons 

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