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Words flee

Hour is much past late
huddling in my mind
afraid to touch this page
Pen to paper daring
Each approaches veiled
Metaphorically tested
To be found meritless
Troves of bleak words
Give voice sorrow
Flightless wings flutter
Empty words flee


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Slumber hides

Scraping crusted sleep
Weary red stinging eyes
Dawns stabs torments
Stale dead taste parched
Half rememories black
Vague formed regrets
Twisted sheets twined
Failed love making
Empty beds testimony
Half, past nights elixir 
Taunts my aching head
Promises forgetting thoughts
Surly flopping stomach threatens
Limp impotent awake dreams
Pillow hides my head
Slumber hides nights regrets

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safely alone

You have one to many buttons open
My eye catches hold won’t let go
Spun fantasy each button hides
Imagine your eyes, teasing fingers open
Hinting white lace bra shear
Dare you more? Silently asked
Across the bar watching
Mirrors reflects deludes stalking
Fleeting laughter are you aware
Erotic dreams booze fueled
Retreating to shadows safely alone

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I hear only
Empty echoes
Twisted wishes
Fragments of recollections
Rage denied
Your words
Bite my dream
Touch of dread

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simple silence

To walk fields azul
Pointed white flowers
Peak and drift
Your hand warm to mine
Hinted summer warmth
Your smile to me
Together simple silence

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Rain and Tears

Did you dream as I ?
Of a Moonlit swim ?
Naked forms in ebbing light
Herding oceans horses
Ancient stories fables
Phosphorescent waves
Pulsing sea life luring mates
Soft bare coffee skin
Teasing to my touch
Sliping away returning in jest
Touching my desire
Feel the fire you stoked
Mouth hot beckons
Tainted in salt
Vague tequila memory
Slipping below
Drifting down
Twined form fades
To blackened depths
Strange lights forebode
Waken to torments shout
Roar that shakes windows
Lighting blazes night
I gazing into rain and tears

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Tears My Eyes

Once more
Defied death as grief
Sorted bottle purchased
Exchanged fated pleasure
Sloppy bitter dribbles
Booze stained shirts
Urine tainted pants
Senseless Netfix parade
Sapid video dribble
Sleep hides in memories
Obscures past fate
Exchanges is to was
Forgets then losing now
Morning light tears my eyes

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