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shared misery

That bleak dead part of nights end
Light tears curtains
Shattering my sleep
Pillowed barriers fall
Drunken binge lost memories
Sour dry mouth
Dull sharp ache
Past aspirin
False pledge no more
Ragged breath
Vague hunger met nauseousness
Softly depressions caress
Sharp moment of
faded perfume scent
Soft sigh of shared misery


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Drinking tepid coffee

Drinking tepid coffee
Empty drifting thoughts
Days that number
Intelligible cryptic note
Moments pass and change

Lovers indifferent touch
Empty nights

Warm fading tears
Tapping runic letters random
Saved pointless content
Silent tick lost in digital time
Cold bitter indifferent
Playing that dance

You speak
My soul whispered

Shot glass full
Reckless abandon

Part of you
Stuck in me

Chase my thoughts
Paused dreams
Phantom touch
explored passion

Finds your joy
Learn your soul

Your body’s need

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Fumbled buttons

Drunken breaths mingled
Sour beer tequila

Laid to rest
Blurry moments

Slurred consent

Real as dreamt
Illusions veil

Nights failure

Dawns misgivings
Masquerade of love

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That moment

Lost to you
Lost in you

Lost in faith
Lost by belief

Forgotten moment

Lost thoughts
Dawn light

Stark reality


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Best lost

Some twisty path
Dizzy boozy

Staggered steps
Blurred tears

Bitter sweet
Dawns creeping edge

Fogged recollection
Breakfast sour taste

Chased tequilas bite
Numbing untouched sorrow

Forgotten things

Best lost

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