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Dark sounds

Will you stay
For what was lost
You know of me best
Beg not that difference
See me as you wish
Mirrors forgotten
Moments as a moment
Silent luminosity passes time
Whispers choices
Remembrance to dream
Empty bottles scattered
Sleepless night
Darkened ceilings
Skittering dark sounds


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Days passage

Deny my becoming
Lost within my ardor
Forgotten in distance
Feigned emotions
Long legs skirts
Neck lines attention
Re-memories hid
Intimacy lost truth
Midnight swim
Dawn broken
Scattered storms
Rivers trickle down panes
Early moments
Dissolve away
Eyes touched
Days passage
Moments draw life

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Away distant

I question what you ment


Cold angry


Stoned liquored up

You know my dream

My hands empty

Things saved lost forever

Mirrors reflection empty

You touching kiss

Fleeting regret

Dawns brief moment

Night slips

Shrouded mornings

Clouds dark dampen

Years time slips

Drink sups time

Away distant

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Eyes Smile

Late nights
That moonlit swim
Remember that dance
Laughter in snowflakes
That first kiss in the rain
Warm breath on skin
Motorcycle rides to fast so far
Alone within the night
Hand held walks
Silly jokes shared
Silent moments shared
Your dark eyes smile

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Moments shared

Come to my dreams
Come to me
In faith
In belief
Come to me
As you need
I am yours alone
Moments spun together
Soft laughter
Dawns rain lazy days
Slow beginnings
Passions endings
Moments shared

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sleeps dreams

Foreign thoughts
Mix reality
Bound by wishes
Sleepless nights
Ticker tat time passing
Your memories
Your thoughts
Your desire
Softly whisper
Did you hear
Feel soft breath
‘Tween sleeps dreams
Alone lost evenings

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