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Twisting skeins
Temporal riffs
Sing to nights drift
Was, is, will be
Threads trace life
Weave patterns
Wine laced tequila
Sour bar dreams
Tainted scents
Booze vomit sex
Blurred to sheets
Greeting dawn
Blurred mirrors
Mornings mist
Eyes tight
Breath held
Fist clenched


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The past is strewn in frames
Deep emptiness dwells within
Memories fade in ether lightly
Shadow shapes flow slither
Forgiven forgotten lastly
Half drunk delusions
Insecurity breeding terrors
Tequila touched kisses
Nights fumbling touches
Boozes sour morning taste
Thunders hints rain to come
Long emptiness days begin

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No more fear
Hidden in bottles
Lose inebriations
Hidden insecurities
Face reflected
Darkens room
Days silent exits
Tequila fueled passion
Headaches regrets
Illusion mixed reality
Forgotten things
One more chases fear
Once more follows forgetting
Night falls quickly away
Morning chases us apart
Again sour taste
Lost night memories
Snooze grants reprieve

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A half drunk sibilance
Uttered faintly half hearted
Body numb forgotten
Forlorn sigh left behind
Give that take that
Blurry memories 
Forgotten days
Empty nights
Once more
One more
Tequila teases
Bound by
Constricted in
Do you see
This bridge I huddle
Cardboard protection
Hardly warm, hardly home
Hardly more then alone

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Whiskey tears my stomach
Tequila ‘minds me of acid
Beer makes me fat
Rum hangovers suck
Pots leaves me asleep
‘Meds become difficult
Sex pays some cost
Wine bequeaths migraines
Always more chasing dreams
Always more forgetting
Always hidden costs
Always running
Always dawn

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Hidden From Day

Flat tepid beer
Drumming rain
Fading thunder
Distant Lightning
Televisions incoherent images
Vaguely stale chips
One more sleeps rest
Silence dreams
East hints of dawn
Moon flees west
Hidden from day

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