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In between

In between
Before true sleep
Misperceived forms
Vague undefined
Wisps of dreams
Frights fears
Loves losses forgotten
Fathomless precipice
Buried thoughts
Laced with fragments
Hidden buried
Sharp as yesterday
Chase sleep
Nights silence

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Phantom touch

It ’twas subtle
Almost Vaporous
Your Phantoms fingers
Traced unseen winding
Path of fire
Eyes closed
perceive a dance
Soft felt urgency
Grows bold
Needs of Desire
Minds mixed
Surreal as touch
Wish’s that are
More then nothing
A shared truth
Share trust
More of hope
Did you?

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The lights are out
hidden to the dark
candies are gone
the ghouls, ghost
cartoon hero’s
each filled a bag
drift past
a treat
a trick
handfuls here, there
add night sweets
night ages
from young lost
big brother sisters guides
bags of sweets like treasure
to be counted
savored as plunder

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Whispers as dreams

A whisper in my ear
Hardly more than a breath
Less a word more a thought
Your wish bestowed on me
From your sleep
Your dream touches
As a wisp, as a wish
I await
whispers less a touch
less a wish
but a dream

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I hate fall
it’s a teasing from summer
and promise from winter
trees drop their leaves
become sticks reaching to the sky
like some twisted horror vision
colored leaves fall, become brittle brown
shatter, bits everywhere
raked lawns, tormenting winds
send them scurrying for the far corners
mornings chill leads to warm afternoons
false promises taken at sunset
winter hints and hints
to enjoy this day, perhaps tomorrow
summer toys stored
winter clothes readied
extra blankets
heating bills
summer colors fade
Black and white vistas

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Shared with Me

Look to you
Moonlight lives in your eyes
All the stars are for you
My gift this night
We lay together
Speaking silently
Words lost
Of passion
Of need
Dark eyes take me
Moist lips beckon
Your body draws
My dreams
My touch
Soft sounds you make
As each button falls
Silken and lace
Your hands guide me
Make simple your desire
Shared with me

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