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Divest my past
Shake debris away
Scattered sweepings
Leftover dreams
Released hopes
Forgotten wishes
Fades memories
Listless wonderings
Fails and wins
You are you


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I’m dissolving
A sluggish paste
Blurred by booze
Tempered with dreams
Dribbles away
Releasing my being
Bit by byte
What becomes
What’s inside?
How deep can I delve?

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I see you
In shadows
Looking dreaming
Hiding at my glance
Who are you?
Come out come out
Shadows hide secrets
Dreams chase Shadows
Pointless pursuing
Drifting fading intangible
Myths fragmented pasts
Not as I dream
As you wish
You alone

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The bar

Pounding bass
Coloring perceptions
Stoic Bartender waits
Oblivious ascending chaos
Reds, blues, whites flash
Audible overdriven words
Music driven heartbeat
Yesterday’s faded rock
Drives shadow people
Empty solitary dances
Slurring vision
Drunken friendship
Booze driven romance

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Only dreams

We dance on clouds
Chasing the night
Hiding from dawn
Alone we swam
Under moons glow
Remember what was found
Remember what was lost
Seeing you alone
A soft radiance
Listening I almost hear
Reaching I almost touch
What we become
Began long ago
In ignorance we watched
To late to stop
Memories help close
Only the dreams

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Sleep is a elusive beast
Tossing turning
Stray thoughts
Mindfully meanderings
Imagined dreams
Vague conspiracies
Twisting turning
Blankets askew
Now to pee
Now a drink
Something to eat
Fear of dreaming
Delays dawn
No peace this night
Battering at dreams walls
Forbidden entrance
Darken ceiling
Lightens to dawn

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As mine

The dress was hot
Bronze shoulders bare
Lips a red of berries
Eyes wide to catch
Circling we teased
A cautious dance
Feel your desire a heat
Fire that touches
Taunting me closer
you steal parts of me
Hide in my dreams
Shift my fantasies
Blurring fading
Bending days
Trepidation in words
Wonder in thoughts
Want to touch your soul
keep as mine

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