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illusions twist

Thoughts Lured
Your wide eyes
Faint Reflection lost
Hidden Distant dream
Faint memories found
Recall your visage
Sending sweet birds
Calling your name
Your lips whisper
Words I cannot hear
Smile I cannot touch
Takes my breath
Silken tresses fall
with passing breeze
Beckon soft embrace
Olive skin glows
Copper in daybreak
My mind pierced
Your thoughts taken
Tangled illusions twist


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a glow

Surfeit in prismatic glow
Immersed in affection
A Waxing crescent
Guides in dance
A Rose ablaze
Under waning light
Prismatic petals fall
Soften gliding steps
saffron silk swirls
golden skin peaks
silver bells ringing
in twirling mist
mornings lady
precedes dawn
chasing mist
dawns grey edge

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night fears

This Nightmare strikes
Lightening swift
My Dream flickers
Silent Brackish fog
Rolls envelops
Something comes
I hear the step
I feel the breath
Corruption seeps
Twisting trees
Ripping biting
Formless fears
Writhe my body
Shivering in dread
Try to waken
Descending deeper
Eyes close
Almost I see it

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