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i dreamed

dreamed last night
of a flat sea
stars reflecting up
Leviathan creatures Lost songs rumbling
I stride across mirrored seas
Fish flying before my steps
Directionless towards dawns maiden
Fog hides memories best lost
Flashing revels
Cast across this stagnant sea
Like vaporous pearls drift
Textured landscapes
Blocky unformed vistas
soft indistinct
Entice me
Broad colors sweep
Shapes taking hold perform
Dreams and wishes lost
Self-serving pursuits
Draped over
Frightening beast
Horrors pounce
Grappled tearing
Not daring to look behind
For Coleridge’s fiend doth tread
Morning calls
Exhausted wakening
Bitter wind saps this day


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Winter days
drag long
suns noon
Rolls low in south
Chilled nights
Swathed in blankets
Warding chills
Silent mornings
Shorn of dawns greeting
Pure white snow
Greys with exhaust
salt gritty grey ice
Muddies floors
Devourer’s metals
Sacrificed in winters grip
Icy breathes
Plums of ice exhaled
Stabbing cold bites deep
Stilled land lock away
Awaiting spring equinox
To wake

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as it was

I Close my eyes really tight
I Clench my fists tight
I Hold my breath and count to 10
I Wish
Nothing changes
Eyes open all remains
as it was

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hollow echoes
empty rooms
barren cupboards
divergent electric lights blink
vampires softly feeding
faint clicks fans whirring
forced heat saps moisture
chapping lips, drying skin
swathed in wool,
solitary warmth
frigid winter chill
skulks around windows
under doors
chilling my toes
drawing warmth
as old man shuffles
braced and bundled
snow and this cold saps youth

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