Empty nights

Things disappear
People move on
Socks vanish
Lovers drift
Mothers pass
Fathers fade
Grasping fading fog
End in fears
Tears lost
My heart misses you
False dreams
Long sigh
Empty nights
Beside me
Empty night


Past tomorrow

I drank it
Liquid warmth


Dark hair cascades
Bare shoulders
Red lips moist beckon
Brown eyes promise

Tequila kiss
Past tomorrow

Fearing Night

Hollowed faces
Empty dreams

Silent frustrations

Lost people
Day by days
Drift farther

Feign beliefs
Twist words

Alone in dawn
Fearing night

Your eyes

Your eyes provoke my heart
Your touch tempts my skin
Your words entice my thoughts

Dreams of you chase my sleep

Burbujas – bubbles

Eres mi tiburón
La noche aún está
Grillos y burbuja
Predicciones nocturnas
El oso mira
Stevie Nicks canta
Estás parado en la luna creciente
La piel tiene un brillo pálido
Pecho desnudo, tentador
Pezones ardieron
El jacuzzi apenas se ondula al ingresar
Mi vaso de tequila probado
Brazen sonrió
Mordiéndome los labios
Me ha llevado
Grillos ahuyentados


You are my shark
The night is still
Crickets and bubbles
Nights foretelling
The bear watches
Stevie Nicks sings
You stand in waxing moonlight
Skin a pale a glow
Breast bare, tempting
Nipples blazed
Jacuzzi barely ripples as you enter
My tequila glass tasted
Brazen smiled
You kiss
Biting my lips
Taken me into you
Crickets chased away

Me alone

I saw you in the clouds
Naked dancing alone
Sunsets rays pierce you
Evening star became your eye
White vapors fade in nights will
Orion hunts
Taurus chases
The bear points the way
Celestial orbs portent
Looking up to you alone
Draws your gaze to me alone


Ride till my body hurts

Sun driven heat

Baked Asphalt fumes

Making me high

You hold tight

Leather clad breasts to my back

Wind buffered laugh

Racing wind chasing cars

Wind burned face

Moments throttle driven

Flat lands unbroken landscape

That moment

Lost in thought cruising

Running to cool of night